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GiTU® invites expertise in all subjects and academic disciplines to join our team!  We look for individuals who have strong interpersonal skills and have extensive knowledge in their particular disciplines.  We value tutors who have a genuine interest in education and lifelong learning, as well as a profound commitment to professional development. Most importantly we look for tutors who connect meaningfully with their students and hold themselves accountable for their academic success.


What defines the ideal candidate?

• Have a university or college degree or strong letter of recommendation

• Have past teaching or tutoring experience

• Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

• Extensive knowledge of a selected province's curriculum and pass an academic evaluation

• Have references that address your work ethic and the success of your current/past students

Why GiTU?

• Our goal as employers is to create a place you look forward to working at every day!

• Plenty of opportunities to grow and expand your career

• Connect to something bigger than yourself by teaching and mentoring the professionals of tomorrow

• Flexible hours built around what's important in your life

• Employees eligible for benefits receive many perks, tuition reimbursement, and financial aid