How it Works!

Five Steps to Boost Your Marks




Matching with Qualified Tutor


Choose Your Favorite Plan


Connect with Your Tutor


Boost Your Marks

Our approach begins with identifying a student's fundamental strengths and weaknesses, and we create a learning program that meets your child’s unique needs.

GiTU® also helps your child feel motivated to learn! Motivation is key to academic success, so we help our students find what inspires them so they can garner success.

Your child will receive a learning plan tailored to them, strategies to implement in their own study habits, test-taking tips, and routine tutoring sessions that balance one-on-one help with self-guided learning.


We will monitor your child's progress! Every student’s program includes many complimentary services:

Progress Reports for both parents and teachers

Goal-Setting Sessions

Post-Secondary Counselling

Future Career Counselling

Organization Skills

Test-Taking Skills

Confidence Builders

Practice Tests

GiTU Sponsored Events

Bonus Sessions before Exams

Summer Programs such as Coding and Robotics


GiTU® can be an integral part of any student's academic success. We consult with teachers, parents, counselors, and encourage students to become more independent learners! Our goal is to teach your child so they may one day tutor for us and pass on GiTU's dedication to academic success.