Math Program: Our qualified tutors have degrees in either mathematics or engineering and are able to teach math at both a high school and post-secondary level. They are well versed in pre-calculus and calculus at the IB level and also educate students in specialized areas of math, such as applied mathematics for computer science.


English Program: Our tutors specialize in linguistics, as well as written and oral communication. They have helped countless students gain confidence in language arts and provide ESL students the tools to improve their reading and writing.  We offer preparatory programs for TOEFL, LIP, and IELTS.


Science Program: Our tutors specialize in general (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) and specialized sciences (Human Anatomy and Physiology),  and put an emphasis on effective delivery, allowing students to retain course material and gain an appreciation for the sciences. Typically our tutors are professionals working in a science-based career, which allow students to experience how their learning may apply to the real world.


Languages Program: Apart from English, our tutors are able to teach other languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin. Contact us for details!


Special Needs Program: Our tutors are certified to teach students with developmental and learning disabilities (Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, etc). We put an emphasis on effective learning through thoughtful mentorship and patience.


Home Schooling Program: Our certified teachers are able to teach electives such as drama, art, coding which are recognized by BC schools.


ECE Program: Get a head start on your child’s educational development with a private early childhood educator! Have an ECE tutor your child 1 on 1 in a range of many approved curriculums.


Career Studies: Increase your employability with our professional development courses! We can teach you fundamentals of Microsoft Office, Resume, Interview Skills, etc.


Newcomers Program: We specialize and welcome students of all backgrounds! Allow us to tutor you in Canadian policies, ESL, and take a look at our career studies!


Other Programs: GiTU® also coordinates tutors with students who need help in highly specialized areas. These students are typically in post-secondary and are studying very specific programs. We offer help for licensing exams of all kinds! Contact us for details!